Mike Pendery

District Architect Grampian & Shetland

Historic Environment Scotland

Mike Pendery started specialising in conservation whilst at University in 1985.  He then worked for the central architectural practice of English heritage in London and the south of England (principally at Chiswick, Ranger’s, Marble Hill and Kenwood and the gardener’s cottage at Audley End).  After a short time with Anthony Blacklay in Lancashire (Buxton Crescent) he moved to Peter Inskip in central London where he largely worked on a range of private and National Trust stately homes (Wakefield lodge – Kent, Chastleton – Smithson, Drogo- Lutyens, Nyman’s, Waddeston).  He has worked for Historic environment Scotland for 23 years covering Moray, Aberdeenshire and Shetland but also covered the lower portion of the Western Ilses for 10 years.  

He both looks after the Properties in Care of Scottish ministers within his area and grant aided projects, be they Ancient Monuments or Listed buildings. Historic building works include Lighthouses, Bridges, Cathedrals, Churches large and small, Castles, Mansions, hotels, farms, cottages and peasant bothies, distilleries, dock buildings, watermills, fishing stations, memorial halls, a pheasantry, theatres, a Royal railway station, a railway turn table and even an outside thunder box toilet.  He also oversees all the building and maintenance works carried out on 9 of the National Trust for Scotland’s great estates.

 He is particularly passionate about detailing and getting the final result right.

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