Iain Mackenzie

Senior Engineer


Iain spent the early part of his career working within the Scottish Trunk Road Maintenance industry before joining WSP in 2014. He is a Senior Engineer within WSP’s Civil, Bridge and Ground Engineering team and is based in Perth.

He has spent the last two years working with Transport Scotland to further develop their existing methodology and approach to risk-based asset management across the Trunk Road Network.

The conventional method of programming maintenance works often considers defects and structures in isolation, looking solely at the condition of structures. Systematic risk-based prioritisation takes account of factors that are often ignored in planning maintenance operations. These additional factors include the relative importance of routes, traffic volumes, additional studies, potential for damage to public and private property, and delays impacting asset users.

The systematic risk-based approach gives clients a more comprehensive view of the risk they carry as an asset owner and allows for a more targeted approach to spending and effective risk management.

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